Our story

Grassroots Interceptors(GI) Field Taskforce(FT), was established in 2014 by Michael Groce, Kevin Taylor,  and Philip Davies. The project consists of volunteers,  2 part time staff, and 1 full time staff, were  we facilitate and provide a variety of interventions/interceptions services, through Going Equipped, helping those that want to help themselves get rid of there modification of bad behaviour the tools to creating positive change,  to anyone around the Lambeth and surrounding area,  by means of, face to face, email and phone. Our office in Brixton is also serving community members from the surrounding area as well as anyone who would wish to visit us. Our services include individual sessions for young people, adults, couples, and families.  Offenders and Ex-offenders

Our mission

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 12 million  experienced a mental illness in 2021, of which 11 million were living with a serious mental illness. Seeing the growing numbers we adopted a mission to fight the national epidemic of mental illness through innovative approaches. We are providing a digital platform of sessions with reduced costs, to boost access to mental health and substance use care in rural and urban areas. In the next few years, we are planning to branch outside of our geography and have remote offices with remote employees all over the country, massive open house sessions and seminars for  participants from 10 boroughs of the London.. 

Helping those that want to help themselves

The GIFT - Grassroots Intervention Field taskforce


I couldn't get over a toxic relationship, for over 2 years. My struggles against depression were useless unless I talked to a psychotherapist on 'Relief'. After a few sessions, I feel so much better now.

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